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Hey guys.
I planted a 30 gallon aquarium at a school near me.
It has Ludwigia, Amazon sword, Italian Val and Dwarf sag.
I am using a 30 watt 14000 kelvin Life glo light and eco complete.
After about 2 weeks, the amazon sword dwarf sag and Italian val are yellowing and dying.
When I removed gravel and put in eco complete SO much poop came up from the bottom. So I assumed they plants would have plenty of nitrogen, but the leaves are turning yellow. They should have plenty of iron and minerals.
Is the amazon sword and other plants not getting enough light? The sword is kind of under neath a filter and the val is towards the back (light is in the center) However, the Ludwigia is doing fine.
There is healthy new growth on the sword but not much on the val or sag.
they gave me a limited budget to work with so I can not buy much but I do have nitrogen and iron ferts at home.
What should I do?
Is this just the plants melting?
Please help!
What about potassium? Have you tried that? Also a comprehensive supplement like flourish comprehensive maybe help? And 14000k is pretty hi for planted tanks, typically around the 6500k - 10000k range. Might not be getting enough PAR. Im not expert here, but those are some things that come to mind first
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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