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Random: Vallisneria americana gigantea

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holy crap, I just measured it 60+ inches..... , I cant wait to see how much longer it'll get. I have had this plant since the first week of tank setup. I cant believe how long the leaf is. 20 and a 1/2 inches from substrate to surface, then another 40+ inches (it runs diagonally but I just measured straight) across the top of the water. I noticed this while pruning some stuff back and straightening out some of my longer stuff. :thumbsup:
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love to see a picture of how it looks in your tank!
I'd love to show one, my camera is broken unfortunately.
lol yeah thats kind of a give away isnt it......:hihi:

it grows amazingly fast too, I have had the plant for about 6 weeks and it has shot off a runner that has produced a now near full grown secondary plant which has also shot out a runner that now has a baby that's about 6 inches tall. this is with no water column fertilization. only DIY osmocote spikes and medium/high light and pressurized co2.

I'm quite amazed at how fast some of my plants grow while others appear to be just sitting there doing nothing. all of my crypts have become quite bushy (if that's the right term for it) my DHG is fairly stagnant I trim it and it shoots back up to fullsize in no time but it doesn't seem to be spreading very fast. my microchain sword is slowly popping up new growth around itself, my red lotus is doing amazing and has shot out a runner with a new baby plant that now has 3 leaves. my hornwort is ridiculously fast growing, I have to trim it every 3 days. my anubias coffee is very slow growing only popping out 2 new leaves in over a month, and my dwarf anubias is the same only 2 leaves in over a month. my eelgrass is adapting to my tank well but is a very slow grower as well, just a few new blades in about a month. I have some wild harvested grass type stuff (no id yet), I hope it sends out runners soon because the grass is super thin leaves that don't provide much visually it needs a lot of them to gain effect, that went from 14 inches tall to about 24 inches in just a couple weeks.
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