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Random uprootings

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What causes plants to suddenly uproot themselves? Nodes of my e.belem occasionally make a break for it and I've had couple new stems of b.salzmannii that prefer taking the scenic route around the tank. The belem has roots but just ejects itself while those salzmannii haven't developed any appreciable roots yet.

Today, though, was the worst yet. When the lights came on, all these were floating around:
e.belem x1
l.aromatica x1
m.mattogrossense x2
m.matto (red stem) x1
hottonia palustris x2
b.salzmannii x 2

The only inhabitants are rasboras, a dwarf gourami, and amanos. Substrate is 1-2mm Peace River inert gravel.

I did add root tabs a few days ago - could that be related?
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Substrate is 2"-3" deep and there's very good water movement since I upgraded to a larger HOB a couple of months ago for better CO2 distribution.

The belem can't go in any deeper without being buried and the stems are put in around 1.5" deep. Any more and I'd be worried it would rot. The stems I found floating today - aside from the bacopa - had been in place for weeks.

I can't point to a single event which could have caused this today.
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