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random: laterite osmo spikes

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dont really know why I am posting this but...

I scored some more Laterite for cheap the other day and decided to make some Laterite/osmo cote spikes. I think my next batch of spikes I make will either be worm castings/cote or more red clay/osmo/castings . I think my ratio mixed in my mixed substrate, was sand heavy, and I want to slowly boost the ratio of other stuff mixed in. I have noticed some gas pockets when moving plants around and I assume this is from the decay of the organics in my potting soil base layer mix. that doesn't worry me.

What are some other great ingredients for soil supplementation? aka stuff I can stick in my ice cube spikes.

I have considered using natural red clay with osmocote mixed in with a wormcasting core and semi firing it (low temp drying in the oven) but I dont know if putting osmo in the oven will cause a problem, I am smart enough to know nitrates can be explosive, I'm just not smart enough to know how they are, and if wrapping them in a clay shell and heating them is a bad idea.

go ahead and kick some ideas in here, what would you add?
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kinda shocked no one has any suggestions or ideas what other soil ammendmaents to add to these spikes
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