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Random interval cherry shrimp deaths

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Water parameters:
ammonia - 0
nitrite - 0
nitrate - 10-20
pH - 7.4
kH - 2
GH - 10
temp. - 72

Right now youngins seem to be passing.
I noticed yesterday, probably due to the weather changes, that my tank was heating up to 78, so I unplugged the heater and believe 72 will remain constant.
Some shrimp are showing cloudy appearances.
My Fire Red female has had black areas on her body for a period of time.

I am going to start a melafix treatment.

Help, suggestions?
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no need for a heater unless the tank temps get into the lower side of 60s. if you can try to find a heater that you can set between 68-70F.

you should add some floating plants to suck up your nitrates now and figure out whats causing you to have them.
Temp. is at 68 today so it's safe to keep it there?
I need the heater for the winter months, but now that it's summer I'll monitor and keep it unplugged.
I did a water change and started melafix. I'll monitor the nitrates and look for causes. Thanks!
No heater in my Blue Diamond tank. Temps in the room they are in range from 50's into the high 70's depending on time of year/day. It's unheated so it was pretty darn cold all winter in there. No problems. Breeding slowed/stopped but once it warmed back up they were back in business. 68 is absolutely safe and probably actually within their prefered temp range.
No heater for RCS. Juvenile RCS seem to adapt to tank parameters better than adults. Hopefully, the tank has accumulated algae on the glass, for the juveniles to eat. Add a sponge filter and decrease water changes to 10% every 2 weeks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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