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So I have a 18 gal tube that I use for dirty water when I do wc on my betta tank. Today I was going to empty it I always leave some water like 3 inches. So as I am looking something catches my eye it looks like a bug I catch it and sure enough it's a fry. It cants be a betta because my bettas are 6 months old now. So I catch him and put him in my plant only tank. Then I think let's look for more. I find a bigger one and I can sell what it is. I found white cloud minnow fry.

Last month I took apart my 20gal long that only had white clouds in it. The tank was over grown with plants. I throw the plants in this tub but I also used this tub to empty the tank. Some how these 2 survived. I am shocked and excited. I always thought my minnows were up to something but was never sure.

I Think is not about breeding bettas. But have any of you ever had this happen?
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