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This is my situation I have a 72g planted tank, with
15 corydoras
17 neon
2 guppies
7 cherry shrimp
and a molly which was given to me, don't have any other tank to put him, but I have 5 months with him

So in the last couple of months, I had lost 3 neons (2 last month, one today) and I'm not sure what it can be, I have checked the water, for disease, etc etc.
a baby corydoras a couple of weeks ago
a cherry shrimp today in the morning

my parameters are good, I do my water changes regularly every week, so I'm suspecting on the Molly, it has a history of being aggressive before but it seemed to be calm after I separated it for a while in a breeder box

Please if you guys have any idea :(,

I'm attaching a picture of my tank

Thanks in advance for your help! regards from Mexico


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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