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Random dying leaves in an established aquarium

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Hey guys!
I have a 5.5 gallon Betta tank that has been established for about 9 months, and has been planted for about 3 months.
A couple days ago, I noticed that a couple of my leaves on 1 Amazon Compacta were yelloish-clear and dying. The leaves of an Amazon Compacta runner I planted are also yellowish-clear.
However, my Dwarf Sag, my other Amazon Compacta, my Ludwigia, my Wisteria, my Anubias, and my random unidentified plant are all doing fine.
I changed the light from a florescent Flora Glo Glo brand 2700k light to a CFL 5000k 100 watt 1600 lumen light.
Also, I began dosing 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to combat Blue-Green Algae.
Why is their this random plant die off?
Are the plants getting used to the new light?
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How long since you started the HP dosing and changed the light to you noticing a change in your plants. Are you dosing any ferts? More info would be a help.
That is a LOT of light for a 5.5gal tank! How high off the tank is your fixture? What kind of CO2 are you using (you may need pressurized to keep up with this much light despite the small tank size), and what kind and how much ferts are you dosing every week?
Certainly not an expert here, but I agree 20W per gallon is way up there, and I hope the fixture is way up there too.
I began dosing Hydrogen Peroxide about 4 days ago of this post.
I did dose nitrogen and API leaf zone, but stopped because of the huge BGA out break. I thought a ton of light and little fertz and co2 would just cause algae. I also did used to run DIY co2. I guess I will start dosing fertz and running co2.
Also, the light is raised about 5-6ish inches from the water (it is a clamp on light)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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