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What up guys! Ranalisma rostrata is an uncommon but very underrated and easy to grow med light carpet plant similar to pygmy chain sword but much smaller. My RR grows around 2-3 inches tall and spreads very quickly. It's currently under medium light growing in EcoComplete with CO2 injection and PPS-Pro ferts.

10 nodes for $6
20 nodes for $11

Shipping is $6 no matter how much you buy via USPS Priority Mail.

Random disclaimers:

My tank does have snails and very minor algae but I never see any growing on the RR. I am not responsible for any delays made by the USPS in delivery but I've never really run into this problem before. Please mind your weather as I won't be using any sort of insulation beyond newspaper.

Always interested in trades but mostly just looking for hardscape stuff, buces, and needle leaf java fern at the moment.

PM me if interested!
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