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Ramshorn snails with sideways shells

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Have any of you had ramshorn looking snails that pull their shell around sideways so the shell is kind of laying horizontally on the ground as they move?

They are definitely not the species of Red Ramshorn I have kept in the past. I got some as hitchhikers, and believe they are responsible for some extensive plant damage.

Has this been your experience as well? Would anyone venture a guess at a scientific name?
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those are not Ramshorn, but potential plant eating snails
that often hitchhike from tank to tank during plant trades.
I just squeeze them with tweezers to crack the shell,
then my fish gladly eat them. I have Botia in my tank
and they don't seem interested in eating these snails.

left 1-2mm phony sideways ramshorn, ~ ~ ~ right 1-2cm genuine Ramshorn

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Ah, I have those too! Never knew that they weren't ramshorn xD
I have a ton of these and all I can do is wait until they're on the glass, then go on a rampage squishing them. Every once in a while, I will try to get them off the plants, too.
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