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Rams - sores on heads

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I've got 2 blue rams in my 55, with several angels and cories.
Both rams have developed sores on their heads. No other fish in the tank appear affected.
One has a raw swollen appearing area between his eyes. It is quite an obvious bulge. On its right cheek, just below its eye, is a raw looking area, which is not raised/swollen.
The other ram has an area right on his nose that looks raw, that looks as tho he had rubbed it on something.
Any ideas what might be affecting these rams, and any way to treat them? Do you think my angels are at risk?
I do not have a Q tank (I know!).
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Oh yeah - these guys were mature when I got them maybe 8 months ago. No changes in my tank for months. They remain active and eating well.
Any chance of pics?:) Pls post water parameters.:)
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