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All the snails I have came from two blue ones so even the browns can give some blues too. Some of the older breeding ones have some erosion on there shells. This was do to having to go to moms for a while to help her out. He tried to help but they did end up getting some erosion. It's only the older breeding ones that got it so it will be the bigger ones that have it.

Here's what I have:

Breeding group of brown:

Great for starting your own breeding group for puffers or what ever you what to feed them too. They will rage in size from adult to pea size. There going for 20+ for $10

Breeding group of blues:

These will rage in size from adult to pea size. There my only be 1 group of these for sale as i don't wont to sell my breeders but after i get the frist one gone ill see if i can make another group or not. These are 20+ for $15

I also have groups of young snails for sale too.

Will rage in size from over the size of a pea to just under the size of a pea i can not say that there will not be browns mixed in. But I do put any browns i see in any tank i throw them in there brown tank. These will come from mutible tanks there all in good health a looking great. You will get 30+ for $20 should have at least two groups of these.

I also have a tank that has a group growing in it for a while i have only seen 1 brown in this tank so far and they are older. So i think I might have them almost breeding true. I will sell 1 group of these but you have to keep in touch so i know if any turn blue and what these give you. Ill sell a group from this tank for 25+ for $20. There is no erosion on these guys.

Last but not leaset I have a small group of Mts theres about 15+ for $10 they rage from adult to baby's. there in great shape i got the ones with white sells so dont want these ones no more. Could be more like 20+ just going to keep picking them out.

Shipping will be $6. It will be a small priority box unless you would like a bigger box then shipping would be $13. Should ship fine in a small. I ship them in two bags with a plant to hold on too. And packing peanuts to fill space. I don't have a DOA after they leave my hands i am not responsible. But if something gose wrong ill try to work something out. I take Pay Pal. Pm me if intreasted or have ?'s.

Thank you,
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