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Ram Stocking?

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In the final planning stages for my new 20X20X20 heavily planted. I left the planted world to go with saltwater corals for several years but am returning to what I love the most.

My question is about the past I only stocked with one pair of Rams but I read on another board that they may be happier with 2 females and one male. I think that even if thats true, the size of my tank would just be too small for 3 Rams. They will be main inhabitants with just a couple of other small additions. So, what say you... 1 pair or 2 females and 1 male.


p.s. I think I already know the answer :)
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Rams are not usually harem breeders. The person may have said that because the male would have a choice of picking his favorite female.
I bought a group of rams and let them pair off. Luckily, they all paired up so I didn't have to do any switching to prevent the non-pairs from getting beat up. But hydro is right, rams are monogamous so any extra females will be beat up by the pair that formed.
Thanks for the info. Sorta figured that. Thanks again.
Some Apistos are harem breeders, if you wanted more fish.
Some Apistos are harem breeders, if you wanted more fish.
Maybe Diana. Suggestions?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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