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Raising individual plants emersed

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I had this tiny lil anubias in my tank, where it was doing fine, but there just wasn't a good place for it to be. Since I wanted to admire it, I decided to test out how well these self-watering planters might work for emersed plants. I keep a piece of plastic wrap over the top, with holes cut in it. The results? Very very slow, but healthy growth. In the months I've had it in the planter, it's gotten 3 new leaves and a couple roots. It seemed to have no issues adjusting to being out of the water, and every other emersed situation I've had ended up with mold, except this one. I check the water once a week, and then forget about it for another week. Haven't had to add water to it in over a month.

I'm now trying some marselia in a similar setup, but that one hasn't been doing as well, which is odd since marselia is normally a weed for me. I don't mind a bit.
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Pretty cool. How much light do you give your anubias and marselia?
Same as I'm giving the rest of my indoor container garden: 100 watt cfl equivilant, regular daylight spectrum. That's been enough to keep stuff like lettuce and broccoli rabe from getting leggy, and it doesn't suck too much power. Usually keep the lights on for 12 hours because why not? No algae to deal with after all.
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