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A couple weeks ago I went to New York and left my pregnant ghost shrimp behind in a 5 gallon tank with her other shrimp buddy. When I came back 5 days later, I found little shrimpies darting around my tank. I knew they were close to hatching since I saw their little eyes. Before she gave birth, I had set up a little home for the future babies. Since my mom won't let me buy a new tank for them, I decided to make my own. MAKE SURE YOU SET IT UP BEFORE THE SHRIMP HATCH. You could set it up when they hatch but I'm not sure how well that would work.

  • An empty, clean, water bottle
  • A live, AQUATIC, plant (I used an Amazon Sword)
  • Substrate (I used sand)
  • A sunny window
  • Pregnant ghost shrimp in an isolated tank. It doesn't HAVE to be isolated but it REALLY helps. Like a lot.

Cut the water bottle in half. You won't need the top part, just the bottom. Add your substrate and plant. Fill it up with water but leave some space at the top. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE ENOUGH SPACE FOR THE PLANT TO GROW. I got my plant from Petco and it's been growing like crazy. Now put it by a sunny window. Algae will grow and become food for the shrimp. The plant will provide oxygen and clean the water so a filter isn't necessary. It takes less than a week for some algae to grow.

Wait for the baby shrimp to hatch. If the Momma shrimp is in an isolated tank, capturing the babies will be much easier. Check on the Momma shrimp frequently to see if the babies are there. If you can see the eyes of the baby shrimp, they're close to hatching. When they've hatched, cut another water bottle in half. Use the bottom half to scoop up the babies as best as you can. Try your best to look for them. They're TINY and they dart around making them not the easiest to catch. Once you've captured one in the cup, try to pour out as much excess water as you can. When you've done that, pour the baby shrimp into your water bottle that has/should have algae in it. When you're done transferring the baby shrimp, move the Momma back into her original tank.

CONGRATULATIONS! Now you've got little baby shrimp. Make sure the window you place the shrimp by doesn't make the water get TOO HOT. They like it pretty warm but not too the point where it could kill them. Probably around 80 degrees Fahrenheit would be good. I've had mine in there for a week and a half and they've been getting bigger everyday. By one week, they look exactly like a tiny adult version of their mom. Just yesterday, I saw a molted skin floating around. I would occasionally crush ONE tropical fish pellet and drop it in there. I'm not sure when to put them into a bigger tank with bigger shrimp. I've not even put them bank into the main tank yet. If you have fish in there that could eat the baby ghost shrimp, I advise to not put the baby ghost shrimp in there until they're too big to fit in the fish's mouth. Or plenty of hiding places.

Well, I hope you found my thread to be helpful. If you have any question, I'l try my best to answer them! This is my first time raising them and I think the experience so far was amazing. Good luck on raising you shrimp!
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