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HI folks.

Seems like its ok to post the odd fishy post, so no one beat me too hard if it aint!

I am in over my head with the number of rainbowfish species i have, and its cutting too much into my studying time. If there's anyone out there who would like these, please pm me, and i will get back in touch. I won't reply instantly since i am away this w-end.

M. splendida australis (8 lined rainbow) 3M1F, 5 inchs, really beautiful, produce lots eggs $35
G. doryti - 2M2F, two different strains $20
Praecox F1 generation 1M1F $10
G. ramuensis 1M1F - $25 - these are rather hard to find.

I am sorry, but only local pick up, i am in Aurora, CO. I never have any time off to go to the post office to ship during business hours.
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