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Rainbowfish dispositions

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Hi :)
I've got googly eyes for both the Threadfin and Furcata/Forktail Blue eye rainbows.

I was wondering, before I take any plunge, if anyone has experience with either of these guys and what their dispositions are like?

I have a 125g w/ two small schools of diamond tetras and serpae tetras, a trio of roselines and will be adding a school of emperor tetras, cories, and hopefully whichever rainbow would blend in most with the activity level and personalities.
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furcatas are great little fish who are inredibly interactive with one another. for both, i would suggest getting 2 or 3 females, to 1 male.
Threadfins are gorgeous. I would expect your serpaes to nip their fins the moment they join in your tank.
Threadfins are gorgeous. I would expect your serpaes to nip their fins the moment they join in your tank.
See, that's what I was thinking too. I didn't want to make a move before confirming. OH WELL, must set up another tank then, SHOOT. ;)

danepatrick -- thanks. It sounds like I'll go w/ these guys after all. I just wanted to make sure they would be "gutsy" enough to tolerate my more active Diamond tetras who are constantly on the move. There's a lot to do in the tank because it's heavily planted, but I don't want anyone to freak out and go into hiding.

Mistergreen -- nice link, thanks.

I have both along with some Gertrudes in my 58. They all get a long just fine with everybody. For some reason the Wernerii seem to not live as long as they used to. Maybe they're getting a little bred out. If you go for the Furcatas I suggest getting more females than males. the males can be a little "overzealous" and the females hae a hard time getting a break. The Gertrudes are by far my favorite.
I agree with BLuebell about the Serpaes nipping at the Wernerii.

Tommy, thank you! I will definitely have a higher ratio of females to males. That's something I try for with all of my fish anyways :)
I have 8 male Boesemani & Turqoise to one female Boesemani. They all get along great with all my fish. The boys spend most of their time flashing each other and thats about it. Very hardy fish who pig out and never get sick and live a long time. I have never had one Rainbow get sick. I only lost one who got himself wedged in a hole in driftwood.
Awesome. By the way, Betowess, the picture of your tank is just beautiful.
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