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Rainbowfish dilemma... Help me choose?

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Okay. I currently have a 29 Biocube that's working on being stocked... Stock:
Two male guppies
One X-ray tetra (being watched, has a back problem. Looks to be doing fine, will be moved later)
A few pygmy cories
One tiny female peacock gudgeon (couldn't resist)
Phoenix rasboras (basically duller chilis)
Emerald eye rasboras
And two Psudomagil Signifer, AKA forktail blue eye rainbowfish.

The forktails are my problem. They look a little too interested in the tiny phoenixes... They'll go darting at the tinies, but they usually leave their target alone if it gets four or more inches away from them. I'm pretty sure they could swallow a phoenix if they chomped on it some, and they'd cause some damage if they bit down.

I'm thinking of replacing them with threadfin rainbows or perhaps spotted blue eyes.
Spotted blue eyes are smaller than their forktail cousins, right? Anyone kept them with micros?
What about threadfins? I'm pretty sure neither of those species could eat a chili...
I plan to keep two males and four or five females, whichever species I keep. With the spotted blue-eyes, I would consider six females. I'd like to have two males in order to get them to compete and therefore be more colorful and showy.
Threadfins, spotted blues, or forktails? Why?
Final stock is gonna be some assorted very small rasboras and tetras, as well as some dwarf and pygmy cories, the two guppies (their colors go really nicely into this tank), that peacock gudgeon (too cute not to watch up close), a few amano shrimp, and a herd of cherry shrimp. And maybe some kind of tiny algae eater if I ever find something that doesn't need a group and is tiny. I may just add a few more amanos.
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Threadfins get quite a bit larger than the signifers. My best guess is that your school of signifers is too small, they should be in a group of 6+, and what I have heard (I keep medium sized bows, not the blue eyes) they all are pretty nippy. I have kept threadfins before. They are VERY timid, and are very easily out competed for food. they would also require pristine water quality as they are more sensitive than other species.
I'd definitely Get more signifers. They're better off in a school. They"ll be fine with micros, ideal tankmates, really. I'd skip tetras, just go rasbora/danio complex. Maybe another gudgeon or two, as well.

Btw, "forktail blue eye" usually refers to P furcata. Signifer's common name is Pacific blue eye. Goes to show the problem with common names!
Right, Pacific. Couldn't remember.
I know I need more signifers, but I'm worried that they'll eat the rasboras. If this isn't a problem, I'll go and get me some more. They are a bit tetchy, but that's probably good... The guppies chase after them because those horny idiots think the rainbows are female guppies. A few good nips have taught them not to bug the 'bows.
I may add a few more gudgeons,.. Depends on if I find 'em.
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