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Rainbow with broken back

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I went to the a pet store (not a chain) to get some plants. I got my plants and had just enough to get a small rainbow. I think when the guy was getting it out of the tank he broke its back, i thought it looked alittle funny when i was there but i thought it was just the reflection from the bag. But when i got home i noticed it was "bent" in the middle. I took a video showing the fish in the bag, the reciept and the time. I plan to go back tomorrow to see what they can do. Is there anything else i can do? i can put the vid up here if you guys want to see it.

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Pics and/or a video would help, but it sounds like a birth defect to me... most fish with bent spines are born that way; it's usually not caused by mishandling.
Was it an Albino Rainbow? I have noticed that one particular store in my region has a tank with about 25 or so Albino Rainbow Sharks and about half of them fit this description. They were also swimming funny. It was very sad...little retarded hunch back Rainbow sharks.

I asked if they had some kind of genetic problem. I was told that "they are just a little skinny". HAHA!!!

Hearing this from you really confirms my thought.

it wasnt albino, blue with yellow fins. Not shure of the real name, ill upload the vid
I can't see the vid, all your post says is "video"... nothing to click on.

My sister had a perfectly fine Rosy Red Minnow, but it grew older and there is "V" shape bent in the spine, but it is perfectly happy and eats like a pig.
Its a praecox rainbowfish and I have never heard of such a thing. Plus your video don't work
neon tetra dieses causes deformaties similar to that.
Maybe they can do an exchange, though you should have gone back immediatwly.
Its a common deformity but not life threatening. Just makes them ugly. It should have been culled before it got to the store. Ask for an exchange or refund.
If the person netting and bagging the fish hurt it that badly I would expect internal damage, too, and the fish would die within a day or two.

Rainbow Fish seem more susceptible to Mycobacteriosis than some other fish (though all fish can get it). Do some research. If you have already introduced this fish to your main tank and it has MB then your main tank is now contaminated. If you use a quarantine tank, then you can nuke the tank, and hopefully kill the MB. Isolate this tank until you find out what is really going on.

Nutritional problems as the fish is growing can cause this. No way to fix it now. Not contagious. Since you cannot know if it was nutritional or genetic, do not breed from this fish.
Genetic problems sure can, too. No way to fix it now. Not contagious, just do not breed from this fish.
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