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Rainbow Shiner info??

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Can't find much info on this fish except generic scientific stuff. Obviously, they are gorgeous, and they are a community fish, but what else should I know about them??
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N chrosomus?

Gorgeous indeed, and apparently very highly regarded in places like England and Germany, even if it's not well known in its native land.

It's a temperate water species -- it survives winter water temps that probably approach 40F. But the same streams will be in the low to mid 70s during summer, so it should do well in an unheated aquarium, especially one with a moderate current.

And despite the fact that there is relatively little vegetation in its native habitat, it should do well in a moderately planted tank as long as it has open areas for swimming. Just think of it as a larger, more colorful version of the white cloud mountain minnow that happens to spawn over gravel rather than on vegetation.

You can collect your own for the price of a Georgia or Alabama fishing license (plus equipment, gasoline, meals and lodging, etc), or you can buy them from Paul Sachs ( in St Augustine.

Personally, I would buy them. Right now I am on the fence as between rainbows and sailfin shiners; even if I go with rainbows, I expect that I will buy rather than collect them. And I live less than an hour from rainbow territory.
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Wow, that was more info than I could find. Thanks!
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