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Rainbow id

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Picked up this big rainbow the guy said he'd had it awhile and forgot what it was. I thought at 15 bucks it was a steal.
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Maybe austrailian or dunno not a really good pic some of them are hard to tell apart
How long have you had that fish? It kinda looks similar to a Bosmani but without such bright coloring, which would be expected from the first couple days of ownership. The only thing that throws me off are the fins, they don't look like Bosmani fins.

So I am going to say it is a Parkinson's Rainbow fish, they come if different shades but it is what looks the most similar to me. The have the same broken orange pattern as your fish and have very similar fins.

I couldn't find a better picture than this one so sorry about quality. First picture is of a Bosmani I own and second is of a Parkinson from google.

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Thanks I've had it for a day and it is definitely not a Bosmoni it could definitely be a Parkinson's though
I do not think its a M.Parkinsoni either. It most likely is a hybrid. And I do not think its in the Melanotaneia family either. I think its more likely one of the Chilatherina species of rainbow. Most likely Chilatherina bleheri and a younger one at that due to the lower back height.
It looks like a Marci Rainbow to me.
It looks like a Marci Rainbow to me.
that could be too. Marci is a known hybrid between M.parkinsoni and one of the M.Splendida sub-species. Its a shame. Not sure why anyone would want to hybridize rainbowfish since you can get a specie in just about any color. There are well over 60 species.
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