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Hey guys!
here is my tank I started in January

Tank is a Juwel Rio 180
light: 2x 45w T5 with reflectors
substrate: sandblasting sand
filter 1: Tetratec ex700
filter 2: Hagen Fluval 205 with the outlet morphed into a diy co2 Reactor

current plants
Rotala rotundifolia
ludwigia perennis
cryptocoryne sp "moellmani"
vallisneria nana
echinodorus sp.
some grass in the front( sagittaria subulata?)
hygrophila polysperma "rosanervig"
hygrophila difformis
java fern
anubias barteri var. nana
cryptocoryne "tropica"
willow moss

the last 2 pictures are taken 5 days in between. what i did in the meantime is add some osmocote to the sand


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wow it's been a long time, the list of inhabitants hasn't changed much though

Plants(from left to right)

Rotala rotundifolia (furthest to the left, coming back from heavy trimming)
Anubias barteri var. nana (left front)
Java fern (middle)
Sagittaria subulata (The grass)
Cryptocoryne møllmani(front center)
Hygrophila polysperma 'rosanervig'
Cryptocoryne wendtii ' Tropica '

20 Cardinal tetra
8 black neon tetra
10 boraras maculatus
4 otocinclus affinis
2 apistogramma cacatuoides
2 sae
2 sparkling gourami


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