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Racking my Brain on Lighting 75 gallon

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Hi all, I know there are a lot of threads on this subject, and trust me I've read through so many of them that my head is spinning.

I'm trying to decide between two set ups for my new 75 gallon (48/18/21) / low tech / low light plants (anubias, money / hornwort, maybe java moss, maybe crypts), ~3" pool sand substrate with root tabs when needed.

Aqueon Colormax T5 replace the color max bulb with another 6.7k lamp and use the standard hood that came with the tank as well, if needed

Images of the hood that came with the tank, the bulb is 32w:

Or shell out a little extra for a Sat+

I'm not really interested in the features of the sat+, (moon light, lightening, etc.) I'm more interested in what would be best for the plants and fish, what will last longer and be more cost effective. Also, if I go sat+, would I need the 36-48" model or the 48-60" model.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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I recently purchased Sat+ for my shrimp tank and i love it. Sat+ is perfect for low tech tank, it will be fine with the plants you mentioned. (i have those plants in my shrimp tank as well) According to the website of Sat+ they can last up to 50,000 hours depeneding on how many hours you have it on a day. So They definitely last longer than t5 or t8 bulbs IMO. You would need a 48-60" model if you do decide to go with them.
You dont need to replace the colormax bulb (unless its an old bulb and its time), its a good one both for viewing reds in a tank and for plant growth.

Just the single T5NO puts you at very low light. I think either adding a second of the same fixture or adding one of the Satellite+ would be a good move for you. There are lots of advantages to running double fixtures; they give you lots of flexibility with photoperiods as you always have the option of running just one or both fixtures for various lenghts of time throghout the day.

Or you could just add your current T8 fixture with the T5NO, though that's probably still going to be on the low side if you want to get a carpeting plant or lots of stem plants going.

Really depends on your goals. The more light, the more plant options you have. But that also comes with higher nutrient demand and much more maintenance on your end.
Appreciate the input. I did go to currents site and saw the size chart. I purchased one from Amazon with a ramp timer. I'll start out with it and go from there.

I have the Satellite+ and a T5HO running on my tank right now. Love the Satellite. My plants actually lend towards the Satellite instead of the T5 which was a surprised to me. Post pictures of your tank when you get it set up :)
Will do MamaJu (heh). I just got my light today and filter and heater. Sadly, the ramp timer was shipped smartpost (hah, smart) and is currently lost with the USPS. Hope it shows up eventually.

Purchased my last bag of sand.. now all I need is some scotts premium top soil, some cleaning of it all and I'll be ready to set up. This is my biggest tank and my first planted tank.. very excited and I hope I don't fudge it up!

Really appreciate this community, all you guys' (and girls') help, and putting up with new comers like myself!

Here's a couple I took once I got the tank home.

Can't Wait to Fill It!
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Oh. I get so excited watching other people open new things... living vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see if filled :)
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