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I am debating on which way to go, and am looking for points I may not have thought about. Any input on time commitment/options or ability to move(apartment dweller) between a rack of smaller tanks and a larger tank would be appreciated.

I am between adding a couple of 30" tanks to a shelving rack my 29 sits on, either a couple of 20l or more 29 or mix, or upgrading to a larger tank.

I am thinking of running one of the tanks as a sump on the bottom shelf for a single water loop, and a place to hide all the mechanicals for the other two tanks. This has a couple of advantages for me. I've got a lot of equipment already sized for a 30" tank. Heaters, power heads etc. I should also mention that I bought a 4 bulb t5ho that fills a 30" perfectly. I am considering picking up a 75p to go with the light, although it sounds silly to Chase light $s with tank, stand,filtration $s. The total set-up would be a rack with two scapable tanks, and a sump for mechanicals and potted plants + an Ada 75p on its own stand in a separate room. I was thinking I could rotate plants and fish between the tanks as I scape/rescape since they're all basically the same size. I could also standardize on 24"t5ho across all the tanks. I would need to buy full set up for 75p except lighting, plus two 30" tanks and lighting for three (single bulb t5).

My other option would be just to get a larger tank. I am thinking a 48x18x18 or 48x18x21. I would probably be selling the light I recently bought, and would need basically a whole set up for the larger tank. The larger tank gives me more options for fish/plants, but is going to be a larger footprint and harder to move. The larger tank would make the majority of my equipment obsolete, but its bound to happen sooner or later.

Thoughts? Thanks for your help.
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