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Haven’t seen a single one of these all summer but I know one came by last night. Completely destroyed my container pond. Shredded every single floating plant. Uprooted anything with roots. Left behind a muddy mess. I spent about an hour sorting out what was left. The pot my crypts were growing in didn’t even have any dirt left in it. I did manage to salvage a half dozen of them, though a few are mostly just roots. I never did find any of the Gambusia.

I haven’t even gotten to the wine barrel yet. It seems to be in better shape. I can tell the water hyacinths were messed about but most everything else seems to in tacked.
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We have that problem hear as well...

They will also pull your fish out and munch them!
I gave up keeping most fish outside two years ago. I just keep the gambusia now to help with the mosquito larva.
They ate all 4 of my racing pigeons the other day. I was really upset by that. We have to trap them and get rid of them or they get into everything.
You keep the pigeons in a roost?
I had a female German Shepherd that had an uncanny ability to grab them by the neck and shake them dead. In her head they were a 4-legged intruder threatening her "flock" of 3 barn cats. All 3 would all just sit on the deck rail as she tore them up. Sadly her son carries none of those abilities.
Trapped and relocated 4 within 2 weeks. With the drought that has been going on across the U.S. these critters are looking for alternative water sources as many of the natural sources are drying up. I have never had a problem with raccoons until this year.
If there is a shortage in Nebraska we'll send more.

They seem to come here at this time every year. Two of my neighbors have apple trees and neither of them cleans up the apples.
I don't believe there is a shortage but I don't live in a rural area so for them to venture into town is not normal. They are smart little critters and they don't appreciate being caught in a trap and being taken back out into the country.
I keep my pond fenced. 2 x 4 welded wire mesh does not look too pretty, but mangled Goldfish and demolished pond was worse. To cap it off one of them walked across my truck wind shield with his muddy feet.
why not get one of these a friend of mine has a shallow pond with some koi that would always get snagged by kranes or ***** this keeps everything out just remember to shut it off when your near it cause everyone forgets ;p.

better than when they had rabies out here a few years back all the ***** would wander around in the day time all geeked out thats about the only time i actually stayed away from them 10+ ft other than that there just very intelegent animals that love to use there hands and get into everything.
You keep the pigeons in a roost?
Yes. The trap door was left open overnight and there was stuff stacked underneath it. Needless to say I am making a new door with a smaller entrance and the stuff went away. The only thing left were feathers and 2 feet.
I live in a city and racoons come to visit. I'm by a patch of park/woods though.
The motion sensor should work. They'll climb anything to eat your plants & fish. They'll be back.
U think thats bad....last year i had an otter get in my pond...thats right an otter in mississippi....didnt think that was possible but i chased it out the pond and tried to shoot it and missed of course. Anyways that bastard ate 85 goldfish, 2 perch, and a handful of saifin mollies. Needless to say i scared himso bad he never came back.
They are impossible here in Cleveland. I have to use a wire grill on top of my container pond. It kills the aesthetic a bit, but it beats having everything uprooted and shredded. I'm sorry it happened to you too.
I just realized that the one thing missing in all the plant debris was the ramshorn snails, perhaps this could be the new solution to snail problems.

I'm thinking the best solution is not to grow anything out there I care about. All spring the plants were shreaded by hail.

The herons around here are even worse than the raccoons on koi. I'll look into the motion sensor.
I really wanted to put in a pond in my backyard, but I decided it would be impossible to keep stocked with fish. We live right on the outskirts of the neighborhood with a forest right beside us. We have tons of wildlife in our yard all the time. We even had to put in a barricade underground along our entire fence-line to stop the armadillos from getting in and tearing everything up at night. I used to trap them, but stopped around 200 when the city's animal control stopped relocating them for me.

The raccoons out here are very brave. They come up to us at night when we're out by the patio, and they don't scare off easily. We don't have anything they want, but they come anyway. I used to have birdbaths and birdseed, but had to stop that years ago because I could not find a way to make them leave it alone.

I really don't mind the wildlife; in fact, I rather enjoy it. But I would really miss not being able to put in a pond.

I'm really sorry what happened to your plants and all, Bruce. That had to be really disheartening to see.
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Go to Tractor Supply and buy a product called Fly Bait. It will solve your **** problems real quick, but it's a one way ticket, no releasing in this scenario.
Thanks complexity.
I don't mind really. I put the water out there for the birds. I planted the whole thing with cuttings and extra plants.
Go to Tractor Supply and buy a product called Fly Bait. It will solve your **** problems real quick, but it's a one way ticket, no releasing in this scenario.
Poison is not a good idea. It'll wind up in the pond or a pet will get into it.
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