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Raaaant. I dont understand people

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So, I buy a betta.

Then you buy a betta.

Then I find out that you never change his water.


THEN I find out you dont know about "New Tank Syndrome".

Then I happen to walk into your house to see your new fish. Dead.

Well....maybe it's because you threw water in there without water conditioner and bought them the same day you bought the tank.

So, heres the run down:

1 betta. In a .5 gallon bowl. UNCONDITIONED WATER.
16-- Oh yes, 16 black skirts, dead, in a 6 gallon. Unconditioned, no filter, a plant, and a turtle. No places to hide.

My neighbor irks me, yes they do. I want to save their betta so much, but there is no tank, and my mom wont let me.

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So, I buy a betta.
Then you buy a betta.
All the mother did was shrug her shoulders and tell me "it's just fish".
She sees fish as a accessory not a responsibility, much like those people who get dogs because someone else got one. I wonder if thats why she got a kid :icon_eek:
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