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R rotundifolia question

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How do people get this plant to grow straight? My rotundifolia bends over and grows sideways before it reaches half way to the surface of the tank. I read that this could be caused by high light but my plants are more pale yellow and dont have any hint of red in them?

What is the secret.
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Mine grow to the surface and then bend, but I have some that is in the flow of the filter output, and that bends from the current. I have a Finnex 24/7 light, but have put some window film under the light to cut the brightness a bit. Could yours be bending because it is leaning toward the light?
Trim them and that will become less of an issue. Cutting the tops and replanting also works for me. Remove any high roots. I have a lot of light as well, but this should fix it for you

Red colors are not from high light alone. Red light hues, Iron and a slight nitrogen deficiency is the common recipe for good reds.

Unrelated to the vertcal growth:
Have you been dosing Macros/Micros?
What about the CO2 levels?
Thanks for the replies. I dose thrive 3x per week which is an all in one fertilizer made by a guy on these forums. I also have co2 which I believe is pretty dialed in.

Since you mentioned the nitrates being limited I think that may be one of my problems. The last time I checked nitrate they were in the 10-15 region. Perhaps I will only dose thrive twice a week and see how it goes.

I am also going to decrease the intensity of my light. I just got a xr15fw last week and have it at 40 percent intensity. I am going to drop it to 30 percent this week.
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