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Okay I have read everything until my head spins. I need very soft water for my fish so I have r/o water with restrictors to reduce the waste product. I don't know what is left in the water but the TDS is around 40ppm.

For my fish I need that soft water which is around 6 to 6.2 ph from the r/o which I currently add seachems planted tank doses at far less then recommended and a little baking soda to buffer. I don't generally get any readings on my test kits for gh or kh now that my eco has settled in. I generally keep the tanks between 6.4 and 6.8 ph.

My well established low tech tanks do just fine in the soft water but I would like a more cost effective way to add nutirents to my r/o for my fish and my plants. I am sure they would do better with a proper balance.

Since I have to assume I have no calcium or mag or anything else good for my tank, what do I add and how much. I am not ready for co2 or this would be probably a bit easier.

I asked Greg so I could get stuff from him but he said I was better off asking the r/o guru's here.
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