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Quick Spray Bar question

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I wanted to run my thoughts by you guys before I finished up my spray bar so please correct me if I'm wrong or missing something. I've got an over flow (to sump) and a power head in the tank...with the spray bar all I really need to be concerned about is getting the water back in to the tank in a manner that doesn't blow my fish around.

Overflow takes care of O2 and surface skimming while the power head (in conjunction with spray bar) takes care of water movement.

It seems so simple but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. :tongue:
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Yep, sounds about right.

What size tank and what are you using for a return pump? Another option is to use these: They work great. I have two of these plumbed together on my 120 gal return.

A lot of people also use Loc-line:
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