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Re-working some overgrown tanks and have some excess plants to get rid of. All are very easy to grow.

Didn't see any algae on the plants I was working with yesterday, But standard warning for possible chance of: Algae, Duckweed, Riccia, Snails. Will do my best to avoid these.

•Narrow Leaf Ludwigia (Lud. repens x arcuata) - 2 bunches w/14 stems in each. 8"+ stems and a lot have many branches. Could easily breakdown and replant them to get double that. $4 each bunch.

•Potamogeton gayi - 10-12 stems, 8"+. $4 for all

•Hornwort - 2 softball or larger size portion. $4 each portion.

•Java Moss (Specific variety unknown) - Lots available (Possibly up to 8 golfballs). $3 per golfball size portion or 4 golfball size portions for $10.

Will make a deal if you take most or all of it.
(Take all the stem plants and 4 portions of moss for $30 and I will cover the shipping!)

Need these gone ASAP!

Shipping will vary depending on where you live. Estimating $7 for most of the Eastern/Central States and $9-$12 depending on where you live out West as USPS has really increased pricing. (These prices are based on me setting the weight at 2 pounds, but will likely weigh 1 pound and be cheaper.) I can ship SM Flat-rate box cheaper, But the Ludwigia will not for and only 1 portion of Hornwort would fit. Could fit 4 portions (Or More) of the moss and the P gayi in a sm box together. You can send me your zip on I will pull the shipping or go to USPS and enter my zip 43229 in the 'ship from' box and your zip in the other.

Can ship Tues, Wed, Thurs this week.

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