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quick ram question

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My tank is a 40g breeder, heavily planted, with mainly live bearers. Would 2 rams be ok in this tank? I realize that they might eat some of the fry from the live bearers, but would they eat all of them?
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They'll only eat the ones they can catch ;) It's a pretty big tank and assuming you will feed them well I doubt they'll eat many if any. Preferred water parameters for livebearers and Rams are a bit different so someone, fishwise, won't be in their "ideal" water.
I have a 40g breeder and i kept about 4 rams in there at one point. As long as the tank is heavily planted it should be fine. If you can, try and get a male and female (they are easy to sex if they are GBR) and hopefully you will get a pair. They were kept in my tank with cardinal tetras, a cory, ottos and chili rasboras and i never had a problem with them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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