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Quick quarantine question

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I work at the pet area of a Lfs and have been eyeing a pair of curviceps cichlids we've had awhile. The pair have been with us for well over a month with no signs of illness in the tank and little traffic in and out. Do I still need to quarantine the full reccomended time?
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As a non-quarantiner I would add them, but I take risks. However a true quarantine would not have begun until the last fish was added to that tank. The curviceps may have been fine for months, but if a disease host fish was added to that tank last week, what happened before that doesn't matter.
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I don't think a new fish has been in that tank for at least 2 weeks, I think its been longer.
Are the tanks individually filtered or do several tanks share a common filter?
Individualy filtered with weekly water changes
Everybody has different opinions on the length of time you should quarantine. I'm in the 4 weeks camp. I'm almost always adding fish to a well stocked tank with 1 - 2 dozen fish in it. It's not worth the risk to me in that situation.
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