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quick ph controller quesiton

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I just obtained a ph controller for my co2.

My water sitting, well aerated and an airstone for 24hours is 7.6, my dkh is 11.

Should i set the co2 controller to 6.6 with a ph drop of 1 or 7.2 according to CO2/pH/KH table?

I also just acquired amano shrimp and I was trying not to gas them out with too much co2. I am also 2.1wpg.
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Start with the chart. Than work your way down to the desired ph. Be very observant of your fish. If they start showing signs of stress back off.
If starting at 7.6, I would start at 7.2 or 7.4, observe the fish shrimp and then after a few days, look at moving down very slightly. Animals can often adapt but it takes time. I might take a month to go for the full point drop and I'm not surprised when I sometimes have to back off to get them acting right.
Yep, nothing wrong with going slow. The good thing is your current light level will let you play with the setting without causing issues with your plants.
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