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quick lighting question

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Hey everyone
here's my dilemma, I have a 20h tank stocked with ludwigia repens, dhg, dwarf sag and a Java moss tree. I do have pressurized co2, but my regulator is currently leaking so here is my question, what type of lighting should I be running? I currently have a coralife dual t5no and I also have an aquatic life dual t5ho. Should I run the t5no until I get a new regulator? Or should I be running the t5ho? If you need any more info let me know, I'm half asleep at the moment but I'm trying! Lol
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Are you half asleep because of the leak!? Heh heh. Im not sure about your question though, I'd put the ho on it or turn off the gas, use the no and liquid carbon for now. but I'm not very experienced. Good luck and fix that leak! :)
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