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Quick Introduction!

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Hello all!

Just a quick introduction. We are a family of 4: mom, dad, 5.5 year old (I'm told we can't forget the 0.5!), and almost 2 year old.

My husband and I kept a small reef tank (29 gallon and 4 gallon pico) several years ago but took it down before the girls were born. Recently our 5yo has been asking for a goldfish. Not wanting to get back into the salt world right now, and wanting more than one fish we dove into the planted tank world a few weeks ago.

We're looking forward to getting to know everyone and learn (and teach our girls) about how to properly care for our new tank!

As a side note, we've both had freshwater tanks at various times throughout our lives, but never planted!

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Welcome to the Planted forum! Do you still have the 29g or are you planning on using a different tank?
Thank you!

We still have everything for the 29 (light, skimmer, heater, pumps, stand, etc) but the actual tank. We went with all new stuff for this tank, a 40 gallon breeder. We are reusing the auto-top off from the salt tank. So nice not to have to worry about that!

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That's one of my favorite footprints for a tank.
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