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Quick cycling a small tank

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I have a 29g set-up with an Ac70 which has been in use constantly for about a year, through many different tanks. I was wondering what I would have to take from my AC70 to cycle my new fluval edge (6g only) to have it not really go through a cycle. I took some of those bio-max pellets and put those in there but the space in the tiny filter doesnt really allow me to put too many of them. If I cut the sponge up would that be good? I havent replaced that spoge in months, possibly since I had my tilapia Buttikoferi which is a LARGE fish...That was in my 55g till I gave him to someone with a +200g tank, but thats a different story!Let me know what I can do and how long you think It would take for a cycle because I want to know how long before I can put any of my Fire reds in there!
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Providing you have the ceramic disc media running in the ac70 now,just take the sponge out of the ac70, knock off the really big chunks. Then squeeze the sponge into the 6 gal. Replace sponge back into ac70. Use as much media from existing 70 as you can in the new filter on back of the 6gal. Run some floss on top of whatever other media you grabbed from the 70 to help clear the detritus from the water column.Instantly cycled tank. In the meantyme run some floss in the back of the 70, so you can squeeze more good bacteria into the 6gal. in a couple more days after the initial tyme.
I have a filter bag from those older Tetra whisper filters in there right now filled with all sorts of good stuff!!! Im going to do that now, Hopefully my shrimp wont mind...actually they might have a feast.
They will have a feast! Mine love it when I squeeze in extra goodness ;)
I've cycled many many tanks this way for years-never had a problem. For your 6 gal. U could do a 1gal w/c every other day for a week using the gravel vac just to clean up a bit of the gunk off the bottom.
I might keep it in there just for a little while until my tank gets a little more established. My moss ball is brown now haha. I think Im going to wait until tomorrow and throw all of my shrimp in there (like 15 of them) so I can get some rams for my big tank!!! Im going to keep my 2 sensitive CRS in my large tank for another week probably. After I just squeezed that out, I realized that this would be the 1 time ever that I would use full power on my edge's filter. That thing is way too powerful for that small of a tank.
Lol yah the moss ball will need to be tossed around a bit to get the brown off, my bad I thought the tank had just water in it! ;)
It's a good idea to wait on the sensitive shrimp for a few days. I've added two South American puffers the same day into a 120gal with just squeezings and good seeded media from another one of my tanks. They are still in there alive and well! Cycling this way also works great when in need of a emergency hospital tank
A tank will cycle faster if you keep the temperature above 80F and maintain an alkaline pH.
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