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Questions regarding SAEs

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Hi everyone,

I just got a SAE from my LFS. I haven't seen him eating any algae...he just sort of sit on a leaf and shake his butt all day. So I was wondering...

Do they take care of brown algae on the glass? Or do they only eat algae off leaves? How long does it take for him to become more comfortable?

Thank you!
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dont eat brown algae on the glass thats otocinclus cats,

SAEs will eat some BBA but once they mature they just kinda eat fish food.
IME it seems like they take care of the green stuff and BBA pretty well when they're young, but they prefer fish food when they get bigger. Don't feed them enough and they'll start to eat your moss and more delicate plants.
Thanks guys! I just wanted to confirm my suspicion.

I don't find Otos being too good at eating diatom...i don't know why. I have a school of 6 of them in my 10g...and there are diatom all over. They seem to finish the algae wafer, though, over night. =)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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