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^^ This, just filing a claim does not hurt the seller. It makes them take notice that you are serious about getting something resolved and in most cases, motivates the seller to open communication with you. And as the last resort, if they still don't, you have a solid leg to stand on when it's time to complete the dispute.

(Btw short of an apocalypse, with smart phones etc, there is no way a seller should not contact you back within a 48 hour time frame.)

I sell stuff, just not shrimp. :)
I completely disagree...I sell tons of shrimp and other aquatics. I have a very busy life and selling aquatics is not my primary function. I think it is very reasonable to give someone a week. Sure I try to get back to people in 3 or so days, but to say 48 hours is kinda of ridiculous IMHO...I am not some big corporation with a customer service department. Sometimes it takes me an entire evening just to get through half the emails I deal with every day.

Steve...give him a week, if nothing then, go right after whomever it was.
1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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