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In the near future I plan to convert one of my 30 gallons into an "Amazon" soft-water planted tank with species like:

Cabomba furcata (Red Cabomba)
Myriophyllum matogrossense
Tonina fluviatus
and possibly Syngonanthus manaus

I am thinking about using mostly ADA Amazonia over a thin layer of peat granules and pool filter sand in some unplanted sections for the substrate. Lighting will be supplied by ~30W of high intensity LEDs. I have a lot of huge uncertainties about other aspects of this setup. For example:

1. In addition to the Eheim Liberty HOB filter I plan to use, do I need additional sources of (lateral) water movement like a powerhead? if so, how powerful?

2. Should I inject CO2? Initial reading suggests that it will be very beneficial though I wonder about the potential pH swings of CO2 injection in very soft water.

3. What are "ideal" water parameters for these plants (pH and TDS, in particular)? I have an RO/DI filter so I can go as low as I need to.

4. Any recommended fertilization regime?

I don't have much experience with these soft-water plants so I would love to get any thoughts, ideas and feedback about any and all aspects of this setup, including the plant and substrate selection. Thank you!
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