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Generally, do rabbit snails really need the 30x18 inch floor space that a 30/29 gallon tank gives them? Or is it more of a stability issue with keeping the water quality more stable? Are they generally easy to feed? I was thinking of using Repashy Soilent Green, or maybe parboiled spinach in addition to catappa leaves if I decided to get them.

More specifically,does anybody know what the species' names are for the blue and yellow rabbit snails that Flip Aquatics sells? How big they get?

Full disclosure, I'd really like to buy 2-3 of each variety for some 2.5s I'm planning on getting. If it's a water quality issue, then that's handleable. But if the reason why they necessitate a 30 gallon tank is for the footprint, that's not so handleable, and I might get a single blue and a single golden mystery snail, which are just as awesome.
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