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questions about my source water?

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I hoping to figure out my water parameters a little better.
I am using Hagen Test kits.
The results of testing my source water.

KH 60 mg/l
GH 60 mg/l
PH 7.8

I live in the rocky mountain area of British Columbia, Canada.

According to the GH and KH my water is soft/acidic.
What has me puzzled is the PH of 7.8 which would indicate a more alkaline water to my understanding.

The questions:

Would you consider my source water to be soft acidic?
Why would KH and GH indicate soft acidic while haveing a alkaline PH?
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Hi dwaffer

Did it take 6 drops for your KH reading of 60 ppm?

Did it take 3 drops for your GH reading of 60 ppm?

The reason that I am asking is that many people get confused when they use Hagen's KH/GH test kit. You multiply your number of drops of KH solution by 10 and you multiply your number of drops of GH solution by 20 to get the test results.

Regarding your pH of 7.8, you should let some tap water set out for 24 or more hours and then test your pH. You can stir it once in a while if you want to.This allows the gases in the water sample to reach equilibrium with the atmosphere. This will be more indicative of what your actual pH is.

I hope this helps you, dwaffer.
thats correct, 6 drops for KH and 3 drop for GH and PH was taken from aged water. PH is the same in a 30g utility bucket with heater and powerhead after 48 or more hours and out of the tap so the results are accurate for the Hagen tests I have.

Thanks though.

Also I get calcium build up on the tops of my tanks so that would indicate hard water and would reflect the PH level.

It just seems that I'm getting mixed signals.
Something's not right, as you mentioned.

Can you check the expiration dates of your test kits? Could this be what's wrong? Hagen's test kits have the expiration date below the UPC code on the bottom of the box.
I have suspected that as well.
I threw the box out for my hardness kit along time ago and there is nothing on the bottles.
I guess the only way to be sure is to get another hardness test kit.
The PH tests kit refills are new but they match the old.

I dont really think its the test kits but since I'm getting low on the them I'll just get a new test kit for GH/KH.

Perhaps it is the tests.
If I'm getting deposits on my tanks from evaporation the water should not be reading as soft acidic I would think. That and the fact that I live in the mountains and not the rain forest. :)
I never gave it much thought before but since I have converted one of my tanks to a ADA nature aquarium type system with CO2 injection, HO lighting, and trying to get my Crystal Red shrimp to breed, I guess I should be sure.

Anyway thanks.

I had to chuckle at myself, Id spend about $500 revamping a 15g tank but i've been to cheep to get a new $10 test kit. :)

I'm wondering if there is a method to test a KH/GH test kit?

Any opinions on that forum?
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...but i've been to cheep to get a new $10 test kit.
I use this LaMotte KH/Alkalinity Test Kit. I really like it. It turns three different colors:
Green - before titration
Purple - endpoint
Red - past endpoint
The change from purple to red is rather abrupt for accuracy.

I'm wondering if there is a method to test a KH/GH test kit?...
Uniformly correct drop size is a big key for accuracy with titration test kits.
Is there much limestone in BC? If not, then your water should be soft.

Many LFS's will do a water test for you - for less than the cost of a complete test kit. If you do this before you throw out your test kits, it could save you part of the cost of a new kit.

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