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Questions about Maracyn

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Hey guys.
I have a blue green algae break out that is going crazy.
It is all over my dwarf sag and my substrate (fluval stratum).
There is a product called Ultra-Life Blue Green Algae remover. However it is expensive. I have heard Maracyn works to get rid of blue green algae. I know it is designed to be used for fish infections.
Could I use Maracyn in my aquarium to get rid of blue green algae?
Will it harm my fish?
Will it mess up my plants?
Will it kill my snail or mess up the water?
BTW, my aquarium is a 5.5 gallon planted betta aquarium
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Maracyn works and won't screw up anything. Increase your surface agitation just a bit while treating.

Are their different types of Maracyn?
Are their different types of Maracyn?
Maracyn I is erythromycin while Maracyn II is minocycline. In order to treat BGA, you will want to use erythromycin.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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