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Questions about household CFL lights in the planted aquarium

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Hello everybody.
I am starting a 20 gallon planted tank.
I was originally going to go with a t5 HO light fixture.
However, I changed my mind and heard about people using clamp on desk lamps with 6500k CFL bulbs.
The bulbs seem to produce only white light.
I know plants require some form of red light.
So, Can I use a clamp on light(s) put some 6500k bulbs and still grow aquatic plants?
Also, are there different types of light or can I just go to Home Depot and pickup some 6500k CFL bulbs?
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The short answer is - 6500k CFL bulbs should work just fine. :thumbsup:
The nice thing about cfl bulbs is that they don't wear out like t5ho bulbs. The t5ho's lose their growth ability after 9 months or so but I have a couple 13w cfl's in a 10g hood that have provided good growth rate for years with no sign of diminishing.
The true answer! Yes, I agree and I have done it on a couple tanks. One 20 and one 75 gallons. The Kelvin rating is and estimate of the light that is given off but then there is also light of frequencies along each that given off at the same time. CFL twisty are not as effeicent as a long straight tube and the reflector is usually much less but then we are not paying the big price either.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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