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Males will attack similar sized colorful fish. Or any fish that will come near his territory. I didn't try rams but I wouldn't go with them.
Provide lots of shelter, including 4 corners. Breaking line of sight is key to keeping fish alive from aggression.

Before laying eggs males will bully female. Not that badly but sometimes it can get too much. Especially in small tanks. Yours are big enough I think.
After laying eggs female will attack any fish that will come close to the eggs, including males. Might need separation.

As you already know they are bottom dwellers. No corys. I assume other bottom feeders are similar.
Small top-dwelling schooling tetras should be fine. They care more about their species..or very flashy similar sized ones.

For temps both are fine. To be honest 75 and 80 are not that far off so its whatever really....
They are obviously ectotherm, and their metabolic rate depends heavily to temperatures.
Higher temps, faster metabolism, faster growth, shorter lifespan.
Lower temps, slower metabolism, slower growths, longer lifespan.
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