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Questions About Ancharis Narrow and Rotala Rotunditolia (indicia)

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I got a new shipment of plants for my tank and I had a few questions about how my plants are planted and growing.

Is Ancharis Narrow supposed to be planted in bunches? I have two bunches currently planted with about 4-5 stems each. Or should each stem be planted separate? Currently my stems are very weepy but they do show new growth as you can see in the pictures below. I trimmed the roots that were coming out of the stems but they are still not standing up straight.

When I first got the plants

After a week with new growth, still weeping over.

Also is my Rotala Rotunditolia (indicia) planted correctly? Can that be in bunches. My light is not bright enough to keep it pink apparently. They were pink when I got them in the mail.

I'm dosing PPS Pro every day and very light dose of Excel.

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rotala are placed too densly. Spread the bunch out so the lower leaves can get some light.

The narrow might still be taking time to adjust. Usually in high light plants might grow horizontal.
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