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Question(s) re: Camallanus Worm aftermath

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Hello all,

I recently had a bout with Camallanus Worms. Luckily, I caught it quickly and was able to treat the tank with this product that kills the worms:

Despite the quick reaction, my angelfish appears to be having trouble passing the dead worms after one week. Can anyone advise on this?

Some background, I did the first dose of Levimasole HCl one week ago, and will do the second dose in another week (per the instructions), although some say to do it after the first week. To confirm, I did a 75% water change 24 hours after the treatment and was careful to hover over my sand with my siphon to try to suck up any remnant worm.

Anyway, the only fish that noticeably had Camallanus worms was my angelfish. The worms were visibly hanging out of his anal vent, which is disgusting by the way. After one day of treatment the worms were dead and... mostly gone. And what I mean by mostly gone is that it looks like he has the remnants of some dead and discolored worm coming out of his vent. He has eaten very little since this has all happened and at this point I'm worried that he's not passing the dead worms. I have read that as they decay inside him it will slowly kill him. So, my questions:

1 - will this in fact kill my fish if he doesn't pass the worms?
2 - is there a way I can help him pass the dead worms if he cannot naturally?

Thanks in advance for your advice, and sorry for the disgusting topic...
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Put on some latex gloves and start pulling the worms with tweezers.

Put the fish on a wet towel and cover his head so he won't freak out.

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Damn... that sounds intense but I like how you think! I had considered doing this but wasn't sure if it would be too traumatic to be a real benefit...
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