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Question regarding Walstad method & Bioload

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I have three 10 gallon Walstad style tanks that are about a year old. I recently purchased some of what I thought were all male endler guppies at a LFS, however 3 turned out to be female. I moved the females away from the males to a tank with minnows, but they were already pregnant and have been giving birth to fry. The tank is heavily planted with fast growing aquatic plants as well as floating plants and terrestrial pothos in the filter. My filter turns over 100 GPH and I have two 13 watt 6500K CFL's for lighting.I am wondering what experience people have with running Walstad tanks with a higher bioload than is recommended in the book. My ultimate question is whether or not I need to do something about the female guppies, or just let them do there thing, eat the extra fry, and the plants will keep up with the bioload. Any experience or tips?
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I'm not a Walstad Method expert, although I've studied it. My approach might merely be called somewhat Walstad inspired. But I think even a Walstad Method expert would have difficulty with your question not knowing how many fish you may need to grow out in the 10g tank.
Granted that Guppies are quite small, but the numbers could matter.
In any case, I assume if you're closely following the method that you are not using chemical additives (ferts) and you're not doing water changes. With an increasing number of growing fry, it would seem logical that you may need to do modest water changes to maintain the balance. Would that be so bad really?
Frankly, I think that's one area Walstad got it a bit wrong. Although it's somewhat important to preserve the organic nutrients for the plants, nature refreshes fresh water all the time with rain and run doing small partial water changes in the aquarium just seems most natural and appropriate.
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