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Question regarding filters and a 55 gallon

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Coming up here pretty soon, I am going to get a 55g tank.

As for filters, do you need a sump or canister filter, or will the hang-type filters work as well?
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any of those 3 will do. however most of the time people dont use sumps on small tanks. people normally use sumps in big tanks. most people on here choose canisters filters like eheim, fluval etc...just to name a few brands. and hang on the back filters will do too. depends what you can afford. if your on a budget an ac110 hang on the back would do. or 2 ac70's. but i would pref get a canister filter. make sure you shop around craigslist and ebay for the best deals.
Rule of thumb, regardless of canister or HOB choice, is a total flow rate of 5 to 10x tank volume per hour. So, for a 55g, anything between 275g/h and 550g/h would be fine. And more is generally better, up until plants get ripped out of the substrate or fish go head over tail across the tank :)

So, an AC70, rated at 300g/h, would be about the minimum you'd want, and two of them would be nice.

As for other concerns, HOB's are cheaper than canisters, but louder, and they cause a lot of surface agitation, which (if you end up adding CO2) will allow CO2 to gas out of the tank more quickly. In addition, using a canister allows you to hide it under the tank, and if you ever get around to wanting a reactor for CO2, it can be done if you have a canister, but not a HOB.
I would get a canister. Rena xp4 is perfect for my 55g. Good luck.
Hm. Thanks for the help :)
I will eventually do CO2, but not yet. Putting this tank together is going to be a long process. yay for being a college student haha.
Ah, college student with a student budget.
Find a used Aqua Clear 70 or Aqua Clear 110. Keep fish numbers below what that will adequately filter.

Repeat when the budget will permit.

Also, check Craig's list particularly the next couple of weeks and at the end of the next term.

This week some of your fellow students who didn't pass will be packing up and going home. Some folks who got new filters will be trying to sell their old ones. Some folks who got aquariums for the holidays will be giving up by the end of the month.
Thank you :)
I live on craigslist. Looking for fishtanks... and furniture. I wish the guy selling the entire set up of a 55 gallon would reply to my email... that'd be nice.
And thank you for the advice :)
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