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Question on using GS foam

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Before I get to the point of starting of using GS foam, I have a question on water proofing.

If I spray this as a backdrop do I have to put a sealer or coating on this is paint an ok way to seal this? If an area is to have water near or on it is the process the same? What are the best sealers if I need to use one?

I had seen a person useing spray foam and adding coco fibers while it is "wet" is this a way that will work? Has anyone done this?

I want to cut a few caves in a hill I will make out of this should I do this or should I put something in here to make a cave like a film container?

I want to have spots to plant on the wall also do I need to treat the inside any way?

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You are not going to find alot of people here having planted tanks with the foam as a background. Most people want as much room in there tank that they can spare for the plants. You may want to swing around to some chilcids forums as alot of them have used it before in there. I attempted to create a vivarium out of the stuff and it was a PITA working with. Hard to mold and really stinks b ut you may have better luck with it.
I've never worked with the foam products myself but heres a cool link on a foam background project the turned out nice. Hopefully it will help you.
I seal it with silicone, that's what you'll find with most of your terrarium builds. You can then add your coco fiber into the silicone. But you want to go with one that has no mold inhibitors, as they are supposedly bad for animals.

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