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question on substrate

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I got this substrate from my lfs. It was next to the crushed coral but it didn't have a name. It doesn't have any rocks in it but it is White sand(wider than silica sand )but has the same consistency. Is this stuff OK for my shrimp tank I'm setting up? I'm only using about 2 pounds for ground cover. Ill be running Co2 and flourite sand in another small spot

Just concerned about Ph. I have decent water, gh 3, kh 1

I did a few hour test with some water and the sand. I also tested the ph out of the tap. Out of the tap 7.5 and with the water and sand 8. I didnt let the water for both tests sit out the same time. The one with sand a few hours, but out of the tap was right away.
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If it is crushed coral,it will keep a high ph.I just removed mine,it was keeping my ph at 8.2.If possiable post a pic of the sand.
It should be fine, just monitor it for a few ph out of the tap is 8.5-9
well let it sit since last night with a half a cup of sand and a full cup of water. My ph for that seems like 7.5 or 8 hard to tell.

But from what I remember flourite sand (which im going to be using in another area of the tank) drops the ph a little I THINK, and then the co2 will help a little more. So hopefully everything is ok.

Thanks for the help
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